Create a New User

Create a New User

Guide on creating an individual user

An administrator or manager can create new user accounts in Site administration

Step 1. Select  User s under Site Administration

Step 2. Select Accounts under Users to access Add a new user.

Step 3. Fill out all required fields, along with any non-mandatory fields that you require.




User ID for login (e.g john.smith)
A user's name can only contain alphabetical letters in lowercase, numbers, hyphen '-', underscore '_', period '.', or an at character '@'

First Name

Enter User First Name

Surname (Last Name)

Enter User Surname (Last Name)

Email Address

Enter User Email Address


Either ‘Generate password and or notify use’ or manually creates a password for user


  1. Use a standard username layout for easy log in. (e.g. firstname.lastname or firstandlastname.organization)
  2. Use email address as username for easy access



City or Town

Enter User City/Town


Enter User Country


Enter Time Zone;                                                             
This will adjust the times of messages and assignment/quiz due dates to match the user's local time


Information about the user that other users can see.



User Picture

A user's picture is normally displayed next to their name.

For example, next to content they have has posted in a forum, or in a participant list.

Additional Name

Alternative or additional names. 

These include: First Name – Phonetic, Surname – Phonetic, Middle Name, Alternate Name


The list of interests can be used as a way of connecting users with similar interests.


Add further details to user profile. 

These include: Web Page, ICA number, Skype ID, AIM ID, Yahoo ID, MSN ID, ID number, Institution, Department, Phone, Mobile Phone, Address.

Step 4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select  Create User.

The user has now been created.

If you selected ‘Generate and notify user’ the user will be sent a Welcome user email with their login details. If you have entered a specific password, then you will need to advise the new user of these details.
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