How to Add Course Dedication Block and Generate Report

How to Add Course Dedication Block and Generate Report

Note:  You need Teacher or Manager access before you can perform this action.

This block allows to see the estimated dedication time to a Moodle course by the participants of the course.

How dedication time is estimated?

Time is estimated based in the concepts of Session and Session duration applied to Moodle's log entries:

  • Click: every time that a user access to a page in Moodle a log entry is stored.
  • Session: set of two or more consecutive clicks in which the elapsed time between every pair of consecutive clicks does not overcome an established maximum time.
  • Session duration: elapsed time between the first and the last click of the session.

Teachers can use a tool to analyse dedication time within a course. The tool provides three views:

  • Dedication time of the course: calculates total dedication time, mean dedication time and connections per day for each student.
  • Dedication time of a group: the same but only for chosen group members.
  • Dedication of a student: detailed sessions for a student with start date & time, duration and IP.

Step 1: Log into Moodle and open the course where you would like to add course dedication block. (Note: Ensure that editing is turned on.)

Step 2: On the course page, look for  Add a block iconClick the drop-down menu and choose Course Dedication. 

Now, you have your course dedication block.
Step 3: To generate report, click dedication tool and configure by selecting the range of dates you prefer to be calculated. Once done, click Calculate.

Step 4: Below is the sample Course Dedication Report of a certain course unit. To generate an excel report, click the "Download an Excel Format" button.
  • To calculate Dedication time of a group click the group of users you preferred and repeat Step 3 and 4.
  • To calculate Dedication of a student click the name of user and repeat Step 3 and 4.

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