How to Setup an Assignment Activity.

How to Setup an Assignment Activity.

Note:  You need Teacher or Manager access before you can perform this action.

The assignment activity module enables a teacher to communicate tasks, collect work and provide grades and feedback.

Students can submit any digital content (files), such as word-processed documents, spreadsheets, images, or audio and video clips. Alternatively, or in addition, the assignment may require students to type text directly into the text editor. An assignment can also be used to remind students of 'real-world' assignments they need to complete offline, such as artwork, and thus not require any digital content. Students can submit work individually or as a member of a group.

When reviewing assignments, teachers can leave feedback comments and upload files, such as marked-up student submissions, documents with comments or spoken audio feedback. Assignments can be graded using a numerical or custom scale or an advanced grading method such as a rubric. Final grades are recorded in the grade book.

Step 1: Login and  go to the course page where you want to add the assignment to:

Step 2:  To start making changes on your course page,  click on the   button then choose  Turn editing on

Step 3: Once the edit mode is activated, you can either choose to edit an existing topic or add a new one.

Adding a topic:

Step 4: Select “ Add an activity or resource” from the relevant section you want to create the assignment activity:

Step 5: Select  from the activities  list then click the   button.

Step 6: Fill out the relevant information needed, below is the in-depth guide/ information for each setting on your Assignment activity settings page:

Assignment Name*
(Mandatory field) enter the name of the assignment activity in the Assignment name text box.
Enter a relevant description in the “Description” text area that describes the assignment.
Display description on course page
(checkbox) If enabled, the description of this activity will be shown to the course page.
Additional Files
Add files that may help students do their assignments. These files may be designed to either instruct students or be data templates zipped. Download links for the files will then be displayed on the assignment page under the description.

Allow submissions from
Allow submissions from prevents students from submitting their assignments before the shown date if enabled.  It does not hide any assignments or other resources.
Due date
Submissions are still permitted after the enabled date but these submissions have the potential to be marked as late. This can be disabled it by unticking the checkbox. Any assignments that do not have a due date will appear on the dashboard with the message 'No Due Date'.
Cut off date
After this cut off date has been enabled, students will not be able to submit assignments and the submit button will disappear.
Remind me to grade by
If enabled, a date needs to be entered here for the assignment to display in the teacher's Course overview block and in the Calendar. The remind me will display when one student has submitted an assigned piece of work.

Submissions types
There are two options available:

• Online text (checkbox): If enabled, students are able to type rich text directly into an editor field for their submission.
• File submissions (checkbox): If enabled, students are able to upload one or more files as their submission.
Word limit
Not available unless Online text (checkbox) is ticked, If enabled, this will dictate the maximum number of words that each student will be allowed to submit. Words include numbers and abbreviations such as I'm or they're.
Maximum number of uploaded files
By default, students are able to upload a maximum of 20 files restricted by the size set in the maximum submission size field box.
Maximum submission size
The maximum submission size refers to each file a student is able to upload but it cannot be bigger than the limit set in the Course settings which is 100mb.
Accepted file types
A teacher can specify the types of file the students may upload to the assignment eg pdf, bmp, etc by selecting the Choose button.

Feedback Comments
(checkbox)  Trainers that mark student assignments can leave comments for each submission
Annotate PDF
(checkbox) If enabled this feature will allow the teacher to annotate students assignments using comments and other available features.
Offline grading worksheet
(checkbox)  If enabled, the teacher will be able to create annotated PDF files when marking assignment submissions. This allows the teacher to add comments, drawing and stamps directly on top of the student's work. The annotating is done in the browser and no extra software is required.
Feedback files
(checkbox)  Traienrs can upload files with feedback when marking student assignments.
Comment inline
Teachers can comment directly on an 'online text' type field.

Require students to click the submit button
Yes or No indicates whether students need to select the Submit button for their assignments. If this is set to 'No' students can make changes to their submission at any time. 
Require that students accept the submission statement
Setting this option will require that students accept the submission statement.
Attempts reopened
If the 'require students to click submit' option is enabled, then students may only submit their assignments once. 
Maximum attempts
The number of attempts to allow students to resubmit their work. Once maximum allowed attempts has been reached, the submission can no longer be reopened.

Students submit in groups
If enabled, students will be divided into groups based on the default set of groups or a custom grouping. A group submission will be shared among group members and all members of the group will see each others' changes to the submission.
Require group to make submission
If enabled, users who are not part of a group, will not be able to make submissions.
Require all group members submit
If enabled, all members of the student group must click the submit button for this assignment before the group submission will be considered as submitted. If disabled, the group submission will be considered as submitted as soon as any member of the student group clicks the submit button.
Grouping for student groups
This is the grouping that the assignment will use to find groups for student groups. If not set, the default set of groups will be used.

Notify graders about submissions
If enabled, graders (usually teachers) receive a message whenever a student submits an assignment, early, on time and late. Message methods are configurable.
Notify graders about late submissions
If 'Notify graders about submissions' is enabled, this option is greyed out. If enabled, graders (usually trainers) receive a message whenever a student submits an assignment late. Message methods are configurable.
Default setting for "Notify students"
Set the default value for the "Notify students" checkbox on the grading form.

When teachers grade an assignment is possible to use a either a grading scale, a grade point (numerical scale) or neither. Depending which option is used, will either enable or disable other fields. If using Point type, the maximum grade is a numeric value between 0 and 250
Grading method
Three options available:

Simple direct grading
Marking Guide
Grade category
Grade Category options are the categories created on the gradebook setup 
Grade to pass
This allows teachers to set the minimum grade required to pass and will be indicated by green for pass and red for fail.
Blind marking
Blind marking prevents markers of assignments identifying which student they are marking. Blind marking settings will be locked once a submission or grade has been made in relation to this assignment.
Use marking workflow
Marking workflow allows assignments to go through a series of marking reviews before results being released to students.  Note that this setting has no effect on the comments box on the grading page.
Use marking allocation
Markers can be allocated to groups of students

The availability option permits students to view and access assignments and resources, there are two options available:

•  Show on course page
•  Hide from students
ID number
The ID number can be entered to reference the same ID number from a third-party package especially gradebook. Otherwise, the field may be left blank.
Group mode
There are three group settings available:

•  No groups
• Separate groups
• Visible groups
Not available if no group mode is selected, if separate or visible grouping is enabled, you will then be given an option to Add group/grouping access restrictions.

Teachers may restrict students from accessing assignments and resources based upon a set of conditions. These conditions may be based on whether an activity has been completed or not, date restrictions when assignments can commence, a specified grade to be achieved, a certain user profile or a set of nested restrictions based on the above settings.

Restrictions can either be one, two or all of the following:

Completion tracking
There are three options available:

•  Do not indicate activity completion
•  Students can manually mark the activity as completed
•  Show activity as complete when conditions are met
Require view
Enable this option if you require students to view the activity to be tagged as completed.
Require grade
Two options that can be enabled:

• S tudent must receive a grade to complete this activity

• S tudent must submit to this activity to complete it
Expect completed on
This setting specifies the date when the activity is expected to be completed.

Tags will allow students and teachers to connect to other courses and content being offered.

Competencies will not be available unless they have been set up at a course level. Administrators can set up competency frameworks and add competencies within the framework. Teachers can also add competencies to courses and course activities.

Course competencies
Course competencies allow you to search for competencies that you’d like to link to your existing activity.
Upon activity completion
There are four options to select once an assignment has been completed:

•  Do nothing
•  Attach evidence
•  Send for review
•  Complete the competency

Step 7: Once everything is set, click Save and return to course.

The Assignment activity that has been created will now be displayed in the section where you selected ‘Add an activity or resource’.

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