How to Submit Video Recording

How to Submit Video Recording

You will need to be enrolled in the course to perform the following actions.
There are certain courses which you will be required to upload a video recording and submit it (e.g Video recording of your practical assessment).

This tutorial will guide you step by step on how to upload and submit your video recording to an Assignment from a course page.

Step 1: Log in to your account.

Step 2: From the My courses, select the course where you want to download the assignment.
This page will only show the courses you are enrolled to, if you are not seeing the course you need, please contact your Trainer / Course Creator for assistance.

Step 3: On the Course page, Find the Assignment Activity  where you want to submit your video recording.

There are two ways to submit video recording to your assignment activity.

Submission of Pre-recorded Video

Step 1: On the Assignment Activity  click on Add Submission.

Step 2: On the File submissions you can either:  click on the on Add Submission.

Step 3.a : If you go for Option 1: Click on Choose File and select the video from your local PC

Step 3.b : If you go for Option 2: Just drag the video to the Submission section and wait for it to upload completely.

Step 4: Once all set up, click on 'Save changes'

Your Pre-recorded submission is now attached and submitted to the assignment activity.

How to Record Video Directly to the Site 

'Online text' submission type must be enabled on the assignment activity to perform this action, please contact your Trainer/Admin to confirm if direct video recording is allowed.
Step 1: On the Assignment Activity  click on Add Submission.

Step 2: On the Online text section, click on the on  icon to open the window for recording
Note: You need to "Allow" access to your browser to use you camera and microphone to be able to record directly on the site.

Step 3: Click 'Start recording' to begin.

Step 4: Recording will begin as soon as you click on the start recording, once done, click on the Stop recording to save it.

You now have the option to Record again or Attach Recording depending if you are satisfied with the recording output.

Step 5: After you attach the recording, hit Save changes to submit your video recording for the assignment activity.

Your video recording directly from the site was now submitted to the assignment activity.

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