How to Update the Gradebook Setup

How to Update the Gradebook Setup

Note:  You need Teacher or Manager access before you can perform this action.
The Gradebook setup page provides teachers/trainers and Manager access to set up and make changes to their Moodle course gradebook. Options available in this view include creating and editing grade categories and graded items.

To update the course Gradebook Setup, follow the steps below:

Step 1: From the course page, click on the  button located on the upper right side of the course page screen, then choose Gradebook Setup from the drop-down menu. 



Step 2: Create Learning Activity Category by clicking the Add category button at the bottom part of the Gradebook setup page. 



Step 3: Type Learning Activity as the Category name and make sure to set the category to hidden by ticking on the Hidden checkbox, once everything is set, click on the Save changes button. 




Step 4: Click on the checkboxes of the SCORM files ( E-Learning Content) below the Select column then move selected items to the Learning Activity Category. 



Step 5Tick the checkboxes of the SCORM files under the Weights column and set each weight to “0”, once done, hit the Save changes button. (make sure that the Learner Assessment Pack is at 100.0 Weight). 




Step 6: Go to Course grade settings tab and update the Grade display type to Letter