How to View a Users Courses

How to View a Users Courses

Guide on viewing a User Courses and list of user enrolled in specific courses.

Step 1. Select Users under Site Administration

Step 2. Select Accounts under Users to access Users List

Step 3. From the list or search bar, locate for the user that you’d like.

Step 4. Go to User Profile by clicking the name.
The user's course will be available on the Course details section.

A shorter version of users' profiles is available in the course and includes their role(s) and group in the course.

Step 1. Select the course from the Navigation or search Course in the search bar.

Step 2. Select Participants under the desired course

Users enrolled in the course will appear including their roles and group in the course.

A user may see the user profile by simply clicking their names or user picture, anywhere in the site.

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