How to View Logs Report

How to View Logs Report

You need Admin access to be able to view this report.

Logs in Moodle are activity reports. Logs are available at site and course level.

A log of activity in the course may be generated by a teacher in Administration> Course administration>Reports > Logs.

To generate a log, select any combination of group, student, date, activity, actions and level, then click the "Get these logs" button. Click the ? icon for more information.

Step 1: From the Home Page, Login using your Admin credentials.

Step 2: Once, logged in, on the top left part of the page Click the  button to reveal the Administration option bar then choose Reports then   from the list.

Step 3: Adjust the filter to suit your searching preferences, once the filters were all set, click on 'Get these logs'.

Filter 1
Filter the logs by page or whole site.
Filter 2
Filter the logs by specific user or all participants.
Filter 3
Filter the logs by specific day or all days.
Filter 4
Filter the logs by site errors or all site activities.
Filter 5
Filter the logs by user's action performed on site or all actions.
Filter 6
Filter the source of the logs (CLI,Restore,Web,Web service,Other) or all sources.
Filter 7
Filter by events on site (Teaching,Participating,Other) or all of the events.

Step 4 (optional): After logs populate per the filters chosen, you have the option to download the data logs by choosing the desired file format on the 'Download table data as' then clicking the button (download will start automatically upon clicking).

Step 5: You can open the file right away by clicking it or you can go to the exact location of the file on your computer by clicking the button and selecting the 'Show in folder' from the options.



Step 6: By default, all files downloaded from the site will go to the 'Downloads' folder, double click on the logs file you have downloaded to open it.

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