How to Fix xml Manifest Error

How to Fix xml Manifest Error

When uploading SCORM files to your eSkilled LMS site, you may sometimes encounter the following error below:

An imsmanifest.xml file was found but it was not in the root of your zip file, please re-package your SCORM

This error usually appears when there's a mismatch between the readable data of the Moodle and how the SCORM was packaged.

To fix this, follow these steps once you have downloaded your files.

Step 1: Please unzip your file

Step 2: Open the folder where all the files are located

Step 3: Select All and then Right-click

Step 4: Go to Send to> Compressed (zipped) folder

Step 5: Please search for that zip file in the folder where you earlier (Select All > Send to > Compressed(zipped) folder,
You have to manually change the name of your Chapter eg: BSBCRT411r1v1 Chapter 1, (repeat whole process for the rest of the chapters)

Step 6: Simply upload that zip file on your Moodle and it should not give any error, If error still persists you need to contact the developer of the SCORM file you are trying to upload so they can further assist you in re-packaging the SCORM

To learn more about How to Add a SCORM Package to your Moodle follow this guide:

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